DNOA Select Dental Network Of America

How the DNOA Select Plan Can Save You Money

The DNOA Select Program is a "reduced-fee" dental plan. This plan is designed for health conscious consumers looking to maintain their oral health and minimize their dental care expenses. General dentists who participate in the DNOA Select Program have agreed to accept a discounted fee as payment in full for each service performed. These discounted fees are up to 40% less than what a dentist would normally charge. A sample table of DNOA Select Program discounted fees.

DNOA Select Plan Benefits and Highlights

No deductible or coinsurance
No annual maximums or minimums
No predetermination of benefits required
No claims forms
No pre-existing condition exclusions
Orthodontist services provided at 20% discount
No waiting periods
No age limit for dependents
No referral required to see a Specialist
Group rates available

DNOA Select Plan Specialist Savings and Discounts

DNOA Plan members who visit a participating orthodontist receive a flat 20% discount off usual and customary fees. Services from other participating specialists are provided according to the fee schedule like the one above. These include discounts at: Periodontists - gums
Oral Surgeons - wisdom tooth or major extractions
Prosthodontists - bridges and dentures
Pediatric Dentists - child treatment
Endodontist - extensive root canals
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DNOA Select - Nationwide discount dental plan for individuals and families.